On the occasion of the 2013 World Biodiversity Day, the Wildlife At Risk (WAR) and the Khan Quang Do (Red Tie) magazine on May 22 launched two computer games on wildlife protection for the public, especially children aged 12-15 years old.

The two games, titled “Wildlife Savior” and “Guess my name”, are developed from the awarded ideas of the computer game idea contest “Call of the forest”, which was organised by WAR and Khan Quang Do magazine from September to November last year.

“Wildlife Savior”, which is developed from the first prize idea of 14-year-old Nguyen Phuong Anh, allows players to identify threats to wildlife as well as positive actions that everyone should take to save flora and fauna.

The game requires players to quickly eliminate objects representing hazards to wildlife. Its background music is the song “NO” that gained Vietnam Record for the “Biggest chorus in Vietnam ”.

Meanwhile, “Guess my name” is developed from the runner up prized idea of 15-year-old Nguyen Dang Khoa.

In this game, players look at photos of various kinds of wild animals and guess their common names, which fuel entertainers’ love towards nature. Its happy background music empowers players to imagine of a beautiful wildlife world.

The two games are now available on WAR’s website in both English and Vietnamese, at wildlifeatrisk.org.

According to WAR’s Wildlife Education Manager Do Thi Thanh Huyen, her organisation believes that computer games, one of the most favourable recreational activities among youngsters, is an effective way to connect the youth to wildlife world.

The two games help players learn about wildlife, thus encouraging their love towards the nature and evoking commitment to wildlife protection, Huyen said, adding that in the coming time, more computer games will be developed and uploaded onto WAR website.-VNA