Tens of thousands of classrooms and boarding houses have been built to replace temporary structures nationwide, according to the Department of School Facilities and Equipment.

Department Director Tran Duy Tao said that around 84,300 concrete classrooms and 22,800 boarding houses had been built during the past four years as part of Governmental efforts.

Reports from 16 cities and provinces showed that 70 percent of total planned construction had been completed, projects in Hanoi and Bac Ninh, Ca Mau and Quang Ninh provinces ahead of schedule.

Six cities and provinces were reported to have completed more than 70 percent of boarding house development aimed at teachers who worked in remote areas.

"Many classrooms and offices have been put in use, especially those in remote and rural areas. The education sector has finally managed to replace makeshift classrooms," Tao said.

Dinh Ngoc Son, a representative from northern Quang Ninh province's Department of Education and Training, said that more than 366 classrooms and boarding houses were put into use during this academic year, raising the total of newly utilised structures to 1,311 since 2008.

"All thatch-roofed classrooms were replaced with concrete ones," Son said, adding that the department would make additional improvements in between 2011-15.

According to Tao, the project has been slowed down by the increasing price of construction material and labour.

Currently, around 54,500 classrooms and 31,800 boarding houses are in need of renovation nationwide.

Tao said that the ministry was working on a proposal aimed at mobilising investment capital for concrete classroom construction during the next four years.

The 25.2 trillion VND (1.2 billion USD) project, funded by Government bonds, businesses, international organisations and individuals, was set up aimed at building 141,300 permanent classrooms./.