A code of conduct to prevent sexual harassment at work was made public at a seminar in Hanoi on May 25 by the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs in coordination with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Ha Dinh Bon, head of the ministry's Legal Department said the code was compiled to guide the enforcement of stipulations relating to sexual harassment in the workplace in the Labour Code adopted by the National Assembly in 2012 as well as related legal documents.

The code gives practical guidance to employers, employers' organisations, trade unions and workers on what sexual harassment in the workplace means, how it can be prevented, and what steps should be taken if it occurs, he said.

The code was expected to be a foundation for employers and workers to develop their own policy or regulation, or integrate this content into their existing policies or regulations to promote healthy, safe, quality and productive workplaces.

The official stressed that the code is applied to all enterprises, be they in public and private sectors, and regardless of their fields and scale of operation.

The launch of the code demonstrates Vietnam’s strong commitment and close coordination of relevant parties to build necessary institutions and ensure that all labourers receive equal and respectful treatment regardless of their gender and social status.-VNA