Cooperation between Vietnam and China was the main focus of an international conference held in Hanoi on March 27 by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS).

Vietnamese and Chinese scholars exchanged views on trade and investment ties, territorial sovereignty and expanded Tonkin Gulf cooperation, and discussed measures to enhance mutual trust.

Head of the ICS Nguyen Quang Thuan said that bilateral relations have seen significant progress since 2010.

However, changes in the regional and international situation as well as shifts in the respective countries during the development process require both to carry out new measures to consolidate their bilateral ties.

Along with the enhancement of cooperation, the two sides should strengthen their mutual trust, discuss differences candidly—especially those involving sea sovereignty—to avoid negative impacts on the relationship of the two countries as well as on peace, stability, security and safety in the region and the world, suggested Thuan.

According to Minister-Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy Xi Hui, Vietnam and China’s relationship is developing thanks to joint efforts of both sides’ ministries and sectors to consolidate and bolster ties.

Professor Zhou Zhen Ming from the Academy of Social Sciences of China’s Yunnan province suggested the two countries strive to realise signed agreements and boost cooperation between their border localities.-VNA