Vietnam has reaped an average annual economic growth rate of over 7 percent as well as outstanding achievements in poverty reduction, primary education universalisation and healthcare during the past decade.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan highlighted the nation’s success while chairing the third national sustainable development conference in the capital city of Hanoi on January 6.

The conference saw the participation of representatives from concerned ministries, agencies and international organisations. Leaders of 63 cities and provinces attended the event via TV teleconferencing.

However, the deputy PM pointed out a number of shortcomings, including inappropriate instructions from authorities at all levels, weak dissemination of information, falling productivity in many fields, environmental pollution, widening income gaps and the unsatisfactory development of science and technology.

Nhan, who doubles as Chairman of the National Sustainable Development Council, emphasised the need to map out medium and long-term roadmaps and solutions to ensure macroeconomic stability, and balance in terms of capital, land, human resources and energy.

The deputy PM urged the Ministry of Planning and Investment to promptly finalise directions for sustainable national development for the 2011-2020 period and a national plan of action for the years of 2011-2015.

Five forums – focusing on sustainable development in the economy, society, natural resources and the environment, education and business – were held as part of the conference./.