The National Assembly’s Standing Committee adopted a resolution guiding the implementation of the NA’s Resolution 35 on the conduct of votes of confidence on the holders of positions approved or elected by the NA or People’s Councils.

The adoption was announced on January 16, the last day of the committee’s 14 th session.

The draft resolution was first debated by the committee at its 13 th session in December last year.

The resolution guides the implementation of regulations pertaining to those who are entitled to confidence vote and casting votes of confidence, the time of organising confidence vote, the content of reports and responsibility to explain of those who are eligible to votes of confidence, and the clarification and reply of issues raised by NA deputies and People’s Council representatives.

It also includes regulations on vote samples used in the process and the handling of confidence vote collection results as well as the resignation, dismissal, ratification of dismissal, and proposals and recommendations sent to the NA and People’s Councils to conduct vote of confidence on the holders of positions approved or elected by the NA or People’s Councils.

The NA Standing Committee’s members agreed with the content of the resolution but suggested clearer regulations on the responsibility of explanation of those who are subject to confidence vote.

They said that the vote of confidence should be conducted in a careful and secure manner given its close association with the political career of those related.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung asked the committee members to carefully study the contents of Resolution 35, especially the regulations guiding the resignation and replacement of those officials who gain low votes of confidence.

On the day, the NA Standing Committee gave comments on the establishment of the State Audit Inspection Agency under the State Audit Office and the renaming of the International Relations Department.-VNA