The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has received congratulatory messages from parties, organisations and foreign friends on the occasion of the 11th National Party Congress, which opened on Jan. 12 in Hanoi.

The messages expressed solidarity, friendship and cooperation with the Party, State and people of Vietnam , showing the deep interest of international friends in the Congress – the most important political event of the Vietnamese Party, State and people.

At the opening session on Jan. 12, Truong Thi Mai, member of the 10 th Party Central Committee, Chairwoman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Social Affairs and member of the Congress Secretariat, delivered a list of congratulatory messages from 103 parties of 69 countries and 14 international organisations.

Nguyen Tan Dung, politburo member and Prime Minister, on behalf of the presidium and the Congress, thanked political parties and international friends for their friendship and cooperation to the Communist Party of Vietnam, describing them as a vivid manifestation of the CPV’s international ties.

“These are the great source of support and encouragement for the Vietnamese people’s renewal process initiated and led by the CPV,” he said.

At the solemn forum, the Communist Party of Vietnam affirms its willingness to expand relations with communist and workers’ parties, left-wing parties, ruling parties and other political parties, national independence, revolutionary and progressive movements all over the world, for friendship and cooperation for development among nations, he stressed.

Messages were received from the following:
1. From ruling communist and ruling parties in neighbouring and traditional friendship countries:

- The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party,
- The Communist Party of China ,
- The Cambodian People’s Party,
- The Communist Party of Cuba ,
- The Korean Workers’ Party, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

2. From Asian and Oceana countries:
- The Funcinpec Party of Cambodia ,
- The Golkar Party of Indonesia ,
- The United Malays National Organisation of Malaysia ,
- The Union Solidarity and Development Party of Myanmar ,
- The People’s Action Party of Singapore,
- The Communist Party of India ,
- The Communist Party of India (Marxist),
- The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),
- The All India Forward Bloc,
- The Communist Party of Bangladesh ,
- The Workers Party of Bangladesh ,
- The Bangladesh Awami League,
- The Grand National Party, the Republic of Korea (RoK),
- The Korea Democratic Party, the RoK,
- The Japanese Communist Party,
- The Democratic Party of Japan ,
- The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan ,
- The New Komeito of Japan ,
- The Social Democratic Party of Japan ,
- The Workers’ Party of New Zealand ,
- The Mongolian People's Party,
- The Communist Party of Sri Lanka ,
- The People’s Liberation Front, Sri Lanka
- The National Freedom Front, Sri Lanka ,
- The Communist Party of Australia ,
- The Revolutionary Socialist Party of Australia .

3. From European countries:
- The Armenian Communist Party,
- The Azerbaijan Communist Party,
- The Workers’ Party of Ireland ,
- The Communist Party of the UK ,
- The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist),
- The New Communist Party of Britain ,
- The Communist Party of Austria ,
- The Democratic Left Alliance of Poland ,
- The Communist Party of Belarus ,
- The Belgian Labour Party,
- The Communist Party of Portugal ,
- The Communist Party of Germany ,
- The German Left-Wing Party,
- The Social Democratic Party of Germany ,
- The New Communist Party of the Netherlands ,
- The Hungarian Communist Workers' Party,
- The Hungarian Socialist Party,
- The Communist Party of Greece ,
- The Party of Italian Communists,
- The Italian Democratic Party,
- The Communist Party of Luxembourg ,
- The Communist Party of Malta ,
- The Party of Moldova Communists,
- The Communist Party of Norway ,
- The Communist Party of the Russian Federation ,
- The Moscow Committee and Saint Petersburg Committee - Communist Party of the Russian Federation ,
- The United Russia Party,
- The Saint Petersburg Committee of the United Russia Party,
- The Russian Communist Workers Party - Revolution Party of Communists,
- The Union of Communist Parties — Communist Party of the Soviet Union ,
- The Fair Russia Party,
- The French Communist Party,
- The French Socialist Party,
- The Communist Workers' Party of Finland ,
- The Communist Workers' Party – For Peace and Socialism,
- The Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus ,
- The Turkish Workers Party,
- The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia ,
- The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain ,
- The Communist Party of Catalonia , Spain ,
- The Swiss Party of Labour,
- The Communist Party of Ukraine ,
- The Communist Party of Slovakia .

4. From American countries:
- The Communist Party of Argentina ,
- The Communist Party of Brazil (PcdoB),
- The Labour Party of Brazil ,
- The Communist Party of Chile ,
- The Costa Rica Broad Front,
- The Costa Rican People's Vanguard Party,
- The United Left Movement, the Dominican Republic ,
- The Revolutionary Solution Party , Dominica ,
- Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity,
- The Communist Party of the United States of America ,
- The Democratic Revolutionary Party of Panama ,
- The People's Party of Panama ,
- The Paraguayan Communist Party,
- The Communist Party of Peru - Red Fatherland,
- The Socialist Party of Uruguay ,
- The Communist Party of Venezuela
- The People's Electoral Movement of Venezuela .

5. From Middle East and African countries:
- The National Liberation Front Party of Algeria ,
- The People’s Movement for Liberation of Angola (MPLA),
- The Front Polisario of Saharan Arab Democratic Republic,
- The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front,
- The Lebanese Communist Party,
- The Progress and Socialism Party of Morocco ,
- The Independence Party of Morocco ,
- The Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO),
- The Jordanian Communist Party,
- The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO),
- The Syrian Communist Party,
- The Baath Arab Socialist Party of Syria ,
- The National Congress Party (NCP) of Sudan .

6. From organisations:
- The World Peace Council,
- The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) Standing Committee,
- The Democracy and Socialism Information Committee,
- The British-Vietnam Friendship Association,
- The Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association,
- The Argentina-Vietnam Culture Institute,
- The Chile-Vietnam Cultural Institute,
- The Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association,
- The Saint Petersburg chapter of the Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association,
- The Venezuelan Association of Friendship and Solidarity with Vietnam .
- The Nigerian and Australian embassies in Vietnam. /.