The Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) has described the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) as an important political event to Vietnam ’s Party, State and people.

In a congratulatory message to the 11th National CPV Congress, the LPRP’s Central Committee said the Congress looked to continue enhancing the Party’s leading and combat capacities, promoting the nation’s synergy, comprehensively boosting the Doi moi (renewal) process and creating the fundamentals for Vietnam to become a modern industrialised country by 2020.

“We are glad to see that under the leadership of the CPV, the Vietnamese people have reaped great and comprehensive achievements in implementing the 10th National Party Congress’ Resolution, as well as in the cause for national defence and construction, helping to increase Vietnam ’s position and prestige in the international arena,” the committee said.

The achievements and victories Vietnam has obtained are the evidence of the CPV’s correct and clear-sighted policy and leadership, with an aim to bring the country to socialism.

In the message, the Lao Party expressed their pride to see the growing special friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, which were founded by the late Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Kaysone Phomvihane and developed by leaders of the two Parties.

The relations have become an invaluable asset and a decisive element for the victories of the two countries’ revolutionary causes, as well as a good example in international relations, the message said.

“We believe that continuing the late President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary cause and under the light of the 11th National Party Congress’ Resolution, the Vietnamese people will achieve greater achievements, boosting the renewal process, building Vietnam into an industrialised country and fulfilling its target of a wealthy people, a strong country and a democratic, equitable and civilised society,” LPRD’s Central Committee said in the message.

On the occasion, the Central Committee of the China Communist Party has sent warm congratulations to the 11th National Party Congress of Vietnam and conveyed regards to all the CPV members and Vietnamese people.

“The 11th National Party Congress takes place at a time when the CPV and Vietnamese people have accomplished the tasks set by the 10 th Congress and their renewal process is entering an important period. It also plays significant role and will have deep and enormous influence on the country’s socialism building in the future,” the message said.

The committee expressed their belief that the 11th Congress would be an inheritance of the past, a gate to the future, a Congress of solidarity and victory. The CPV is sure to lead the Vietnamese people to build a socialist industrialised and modernised country of wealthy people, to become a strong nation with an equitable, democratic and civilised society.

The Vietnam-China friendship, founded by Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong and nourished by other veteran leaders of the two countries, is the invaluable asset of both Parties, States and people. The friendship has been consolidated and developed thanks to joint efforts and high appreciation of both Vietnamese and Chinese people, contributing to the socialism building cause of the two countries, the message said.

The committee pledged to develop the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership to a new phase under the motto, “Friendly neighbourliness, comprehensive cooperation, long-lasting stability, future orientation” and the spirit of “good neighbours, good friends, good comrades, good partners”.

The Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee (CPCCC) also extended a message of congratulations to the 11 th National Party Congress of Vietnam, saying this time was of special significance to the Cuban people as after 50 years of the Hiron victory (April, 19, 1961) and the day Cuba declared the socialist characteristic of the revolution, the country has been on the way to discuss and update its economic model with the aim of protecting national independence, sovereignty and socialism for the next generations.

The CPCCC said they were delighted to witness Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements and moves to make the dream of building Vietnam’s prosperity 10-fold bigger a reality as the late President Ho Chi Minh desired.

The CPCCC also expressed their pleasure at the close ties, solidarity and friendship between the two Parties and countries over the past 50 years that have been being preserved and developed by the two countries’ generation after generation.

The CPCCC said they believe that the Congress’s resolutions would contribute to successfully implementing the goals of building a prosperous country and a democratic, equitable and civilised society.

In a congratulatory message to the 11th National Party Congress, the Cambodian People’s Party Central Committee said they were pleased at the great achievements of the Party, government and people of Vietnam over the past 25 years, which, they said, were significant to the renewal policy implementation, contributing to the country’s comprehensive development and the people’s living standards improvement.

Currently, Vietnam is making headway in its new development period characterised by industrialisation and modernisation, the message said, noting that on the path to become a socialist country, Vietnam defined economic development as an epicentre, Party building as key and cultural development as the spiritual foundation of the society.

Vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy has developed rapidly and steadily in association with each step of social advances and development policies on the basis of environmental protection and social welfare, the message said.

In terms of external affairs, the country persistently pursued independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation, development, multilateralisation and diversification as well as active international integration.

The Cambodian People’s Party expressed their congratulations to glorious victories Vietnam has recorded in implementing its clear-sited renewal policies in the past and wished the Congress fine success./.