Delegates to the ongoing 11 th National Party Congress in Hanoi held a plenary session in the afternoon of Jan. 13 during which they heard a number of presentations.

The session was chaired by Politburo member, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong.

Ta Ngoc Tan, a Party Central Committee member, who is Editor-in-Chief of Tap Chi Cong San (Communist Review), highlighted the persistent preservation and creative application of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts in the transitional period to socialism in Vietnam .

He attributed huge achievements of historical significance made in the country’s renewal process to the correct understanding of the scientific and revolutionary nature of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts and creative application of these mentoring documents in the reality of building socialism in the country.

Tan noted, “The course of implementing the renewal policy over the past 25 years has shown that the more our national construction and development advance, the more complicated and difficult issues we will face, which will place our country in new opportunities as well as new challenges”.

“These require us to assess our understanding again, apply creativity and supplement and develop Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts in accordance with the new global context as well as specific conditions in the country,” Tan said.

Party Central Committee member, Huynh Dam, who is also President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee, focused on promoting the national great unity to contribute to executing the 11 th Party Congress Resolution successfully.

Dam laid stress on the need for the Party to continue reviewing its leading methods and to strictly follow the principle of democratic consultation while working with the Vietnam Fatherland Front and other mass organisations, respecting the VFF’s self-reliance, giving support to its voluntary, active, and creative activities and listening sincerely to opinions contributed by the VFF and other mass organisations.

The Party must well perform its role as both the leader and a member of the VFF, Dam said.

Another presentation, about “boosting the development of a knowledge-based economy to make the country develop fast and sustainably”, was delivered by Vu Hong Khanh, from the delegation of the Ha Noi Party Committee.

Khanh spoke of problems emerged from an economic development model that lacks environmental protection and resolutely backed the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy which champions sustainable development as the top priority and a thorough demand.

Nguyen Van Dua from the delegation of the Ho Chi Minh Party Committee presented delegates with a proposal on five groups of policies and solutions to remodel development and restructure the national economy.

He pointed to the necessity of changing the thinking concerning the state’s economic management function by using a planning tool that fits the operation of the market mechanism, effective use of economic-financial policies to stimulate the internal restructuring process in economic sectors, as well as making State economic institutions be facilities to remedy and limit flaws of the market.

The delegates heard a host of presentations delivered by Party Central Committee members.

They included, “Ten year implementation of the 2001-10 socio-economic development strategy reviewed and lessons learnt to deploy the 2010-20 socio-economic development strategy” by Minister of Planning and Investment Vo Hong Phuc; “Environmental protection in the process of pushing up industrialisation and modernisation for fast and sustainable development” by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Pham Khoi Nguyen; “Building the Vietnam People’s Army revolutionary, regular, professional, and well-trained and gradually modernising it to defend the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the new circumstance” by Vice Director of the General Politics Department of the Vietnam People’s Army Ngo Xuan Lich; and “Enhancing and expanding the Communist Party of Vietnam’s relations with communist parties, left-wing parties, ruling parties and political parties in the world” by Head of the Party Central Committee’s External Relations Commission Hoang Binh Quan.

At the session, the delegates were informed that the 11 th National Party Congress had so far received 149 congratulatory messages from parties, organisations and friends all over the world./.