Quang Binh’s provincial authorities have pledged to prioritise funding for the enhancement of ethnic minorities’ socio-economic development, cultures, society, defence and security.

The pledge was made during the 2014-2019 provincial congress for ethnic minorities in the central province of Quang Binh on September 10.

Adressing the congress, Director of Ethnic Minority Department Nguyen Thi Tu called on members of ethnic minorities to improve their livelihoods by actively participating in production and trade.

The local authority also stated that economic growth should go hand-in-hand with environment protection for ethnic minority groups. Access to vocational training opportunities for ethnic minorities should be enhanced, whilst ethnic minorities’ cultures should be taken into consideration.

The central province of Quang Binh is home to many ethnic groups, such as Bru-Van Kieu, Chut, Tho, Muong, and Paco. These ethnic groups live alongside each other.

Vietnam has implemented a number of socio-economic development programmes for ethnic minorities in recent years. In addition to developing infrastructure, the Government has supported local authorities in providing settlement opportunities and farming assistance for ethinic minority groups in the locality.

Agricultural production has increased remarkably for ethnic minorities. Over 200 households now earn approximately 70 million VND per year.-VNA