A multi-million USD budget has been designated for the conservation of the Tan Vien Son Thanh (Mountain Saint) site in Hanoi.

The conservation worth 150 billion VND (roughly 7.2 million USD), which takes funding from private businesses, kick-started on June 8 with a design to recover the original architecture of the three temples. The site’s compound will be expanded and be thickly covered with trees in service of pilgrims and visitors.

The three temples were built in the 11 th century dedicated to Son Tinh, who legend puts as one of the nation founder Hung Kinh’s 50 sons moving to mountains to control flooding.

He is one of the nation’s four immortal saints in a Vietnamese saying as expression of the Vietnamese people’s sacred aspiration for national disaster control.

The three others are Thanh Giong (Giong Saint) for his mysterious power against foreign aggressors, Chu Dong Tu for his beautiful love story with a fairy and Lieu Hanh for her magic talents and kind-heartedness illustrating women’s aspiration./.