The enforcement of the amended Constitution is one of the key tasks of all sectors and the political system in 2014 according to National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, who was speaking at an online national conference broadcast live in Hanoi on January 8.

He said that it is vital the contents of the document are brought from the page into reality, creating positive and intensive changes in all sectors of society and making the public more aware of the amended laws of the land.

Legal documents which were issued prior to January 1, 2014 (the day the Constitution took effect) will need to be reviewed for amendment and reissued to reflect the up-to-date regulations, the NA Chairman added.

He also asked all sectors, organisations and localities to be active in planning for the task, adding that reports on Constitution implementation must be sent to the NA Standing Committee and the government biannually and annually.

The NA Standing Committee, the Government and the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Education and Popularisation will direct and organise the task, he noted.

Speaking at the event, Head of the Commission for Education and Popularisation Dinh The Huynh declared in no uncertain terms that the enforcement of the amended Constitution is an urgent task for the people, Party and armed forces of Vietnam.

According to Chairman of the NA’s Law Committee Phan Trung Ly, both central and local agencies will review issued legal documents to ensure all are constitutional, particularly those concerning the apparatus of the State and other institutions in the political system, basic human rights and rights and duties of the citizens.-VNA