Vietnamese officials and international donors held a roundtable meeting on construction green growth in Hanoi on February 2.

The sector reportedly consumes 36 percent of total electricity usage nationwide, heard the meeting.

The implementation of green initiatives could conserve up to 30-40 percent of its current demands, it added.

Jesper Dilefsen, an advisor from the Danish Energy Agency, said Vietnam should employ sustainable methods in existing and future buildings as soon as possible.

Other sponsors voiced opinions on the prioritisation of energy-saving programmes such as building capacity for the technical system, designing eco-friendly products and enacting relevant measures and regulations.

They advised the construction ministry take part in long-term and multi-sector projects rather than limiting activities within their field.

According to Phan Thi My Linh, Deputy Minister of Construction, the roundtable meeting provides a practical discussion platform between her agency and foreign partners, which contributes to improving green development policies.

The sea level is expected to rise by 98 centimetres by the end of the 21 st century, flooding 20 percent of Ho Chi Minh City ’s surface area and directly affecting 10 percent of Vietnamese population. These impacts are predicted to reduce the national GDP by 10 percent.-VNA