Vietnamese consumers tend to choose locally-made goods, said the steering committee for a campaign to encourage Vietnamese to prioritise domestic goods.

According to the Government Portal, 71 percent of the consumers believe in high-quality local products which are now accounting for 80-90 percent of goods sold in several supermarket chains owned by domestic businesses.

In the price stabilisation programme operating in over 9,000 markets and supermarkets, 90 percent of goods is made in Vietnam.

The localisation rate of businesses’ inputs, materials, machines and equipment increases by 25 percent averagely.

In rural areas, people are favoring domestic products. Local Departments of Industry and Trade have organised nearly 1,700 fairs selling domestic goods only in rural areas with the participation of over 13,000 businesses, attracting nearly three million local residents to purchases worth 1.78 trillion VND (83 million USD).

The fairs also drew the interests of people from neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia.

Remarkably, the price stabilisation programmes have contributed to the development of a retail system, which helps local people, especially low-income workers at industrial zones and farmers, access quality goods at reasonable prices.

The campaign has helped the country outstandingly reduce the trade deficit.-VNA