The Lang Toi (My Village) circus show with acts reflecting the daily lives of Vietnamese villages will return to Hanoi at the Kim Ma Theatre on December 20-21.

Lang Toi is a contemporary circus performance, which combines traditional circus skills and theatrical techniques to convey a story or theme. Daily life is told through the movement of performers in villagers' costumes, giving an illusion of the peaceful life of a Vietnamese village.

Villagers awake as the rooster crows… the daily market starts with the cries of sellers and chatter of market-goers, the children play jump rope while their parents work in the rice paddies… Taking a break from their work, farmers smoke bamboo pipes under the tropical sun.

In the evening, lovers meet on suspended high wires under the glistening light… At the heart of the spectacle, one can hear the sound of traditional musical instruments playing a melody that vibrates with the pulse of life created by the pace and rhythm of acrobats and jugglers… taking the audience to the centre of this transformed space, to see the reflection of life in a remote village.

The show came into being in 2005 under the direction of Nguyen Lan, Le Tuan and Nguyen Nhat Ly who sought to create a distinct Vietnamese style of circus act that also applied modern expressionist techniques.

Lang Toi was first performed abroad at Quai Branly Museum in Paris in 2009. Since then the show has toured internationally, visiting countries such as France, Belgium, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, China, Singapore and the Republic of Korea.-VNA