At 5 pm, Asphalt Piloten dancers are preparing for their repertoire. This is the last item that the Swiss dancers will perform in Hanoi’s walking street before they fly to HCMC to continue the event in Vietnam.

Since it was the last day in Hanoi, all members of the Asphalt Piloten tried their best to bring the dance ‘Tape Riot’ to the audience.

The play opens with gentle movements, catching attention of the audience, luring them to follow every movement of the artists.

‘Tape Riot’ is inspired by the actual context of urban space and the daily flow of the people living in it. With smooth movements and 3D images created with sticky tape, the play really made the audience curious.

Tape Riot’ is distinguished by its sound. The prepared sound is mixed with the sound of Hanoi's street for performance. This is the special thing that made the show a success.

After the show, artists from Asphalt Piloten will bring the play to the HCM City audience on the 27th and 28th of September.-VNA