A contest with the theme “Climate change – Children’s actions” for secondary school pupils aged between 12 and 14 years old was launched at Phan Chu Trinh Junior High School in Hanoi .

The contest is part of a project carried out by the British Council, the UK Embassy in Vietnam , the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Centre of Live and Learn for Environment and Community, which aimed to include education contents of climate change in the syllabus at secondary schools in Vietnam .

Running until January 2014, the contest is expected to raise pupils’ awareness of climate change, thus encouraging them to take actions and initiatives to cope with the situation.

According to the organisation board, the contest is for children because they are most vulnerable to climate change and disasters. Therefore, they have the right to express their opinions and contribute initiatives in the field.

Pupils can present their ideas through writings and paintings. Details of the contest can be found at www.thehexanh.net .

In Vietnam , the National Strategy on Climate Change approved by the Prime Minister in 2011 underlined the serious impacts caused by climate change for the country’s poverty reduction target and sustainable development.

The country is making every effort to cope with climate change and the contest is part of these efforts.-VNA