Contracts to buy power from Xekaman 1 Power Company of Laos were signed at a ceremony in Hanoi on March 2 by Song Da Group and Electricity of Vietnam.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment also handed an investment licence to the Song Da group to build Sekong 3 hydro-power plant in Laos .

Le Van Que, chairman of the group, said the signing prepared the way for the start of the project.

The group will begin work on Xekaman hydro-power plant next week. Eighty percent of the power generated will be exported to Vietnam and the rest will be supplied to Laos .

From 2014, the plant, which will cost 441 million USD, will be able to generate an annual output of more than 1.2 billion kWh per year. It will be located on the Xekaman River in Xanxay District, Attapeu Province , 75km from Kon Tum Province in Vietnam .

Sekong 3 hydro-power plant will cost 275 million USD and be able to produce more than 800 million kWh a year.

It is expected that the plant will start operations at the end of this year and be completed by 2015.

In recent years, Song Da Group has shown interest in investing in seven hydro-power projects to generate 5.4 billion Kwh in Laos each year./.