Cu Lao Cham Island is like a pearl attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. With pristine scenery and white beaches, Cu Lao Cham Island is always attractive to visitors.

Visiting the island, tourists will have chances to join many exciting sea activities such as going around the islands by boats, swimming or camping.

The most interesting activity is diving to see colorful coral species.

Cu Lao Cham Island is assessed to have the most diverse and redundant marine ecosystem in the country. It has more than 300 rare and valuable coral species which are all listed for protection.

Tourists often dive at noon or in the afternoon when the sea water is clear, making it easier for them to see the coral. The Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area and local residents have implemented a project to protect and restore these precious coral species, contributing to improve the ecological environment, regenerate aquatic resources and open up prospects for marine tourism products.

Tourists to Cu Lao Cham Island need to abide by local regulations such as not using plastic bags, not littering and not eating stone crabs in order to protect the marine environment.

Tourism in Cu Lao Cham Island in general and coral diving in particular has attracted more tourists, contributing to the development of the tourism sector in the island./.