President Truong Tan Sang ​speaks at the meeting (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – President Truong Tan Sang urged court officials to take actions against the degradation in political thought, morals and lifestyles, and raise their prestige in order to deserve people’s confidence.

The leader made the appeal at a meeting of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) in Hanoi on January 15 to put forth tasks for the sector in 2016, during which he also asked for more efforts in building pure and strong Party organisations at courts.

The President emphasised the need for the sector to improve judgment quality and ensure verdicts are in line with the law, to protect justice, citizen and human rights, while performing the role of moderating dialogue and reconciliation in civil and administrative disputes.

The SPC’s leaders were asked to closely coordinate with all-level Party Committees and local authorities in guiding courts to seriously realise the Party’s resolutions, the 2013 Constitution, the National Assembly’s laws and other documents on judicial work.

Another task is to raise the quality of court officials by promptly completing the curriculum, as well as the staff of lecturers for the Vietnam Court Academy, in order to train high-quality human resources, President Truong Tan Sang said.

He suggested the sector expand and improve the efficiency of international cooperation, along with preparing human resources for international jurisdiction institutions, meeting the country’s intensive international integration requirements.

The leader hailed achievements the sector recorded in 2015, with nearly 400,000 criminal, civil and administrative cases handled swiftly and in line with the law.

However, a range of limitations still remain, he said, citing the existence of overdue cases, inadequate evidence and the inaccurate assessment of proof to clarify his point.

The leader noted his belief that the court sector will build on its 70-year tradition to eventually overcome all difficulties and fulfill the assigned tasks, which will further contribute to national reconstruction and the country’s unity.

A report presented at the meeting showed that from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015, 399,058 cases were handled, 13,702 cases more than the figure recorded in the same period last year.

Successful reconciliation was made in half of the civil disputes the courts have received, 6,850 cases more than last year’s reading, the report said.-VNA