The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the southern Ho Chi Minh City increased 0.03 percent in April from the previous month and 0.8 percent against the same period last year, according to the city’s Statistics Office.

The office said the increase was triggered by a sharp rise in the cost of transport, by 2.71 percent, followed by housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials which increased by 0.29 percent; and culture-entertainment rose by 0.12 percent.

Price decreases were seen in post and telecommunications (0.17 percent), beverages (0.15 percent) and home appliances (0.02 percent).

Notably, food and restaurant services experienced the largest fall of 0.54 percent compared to the month before.

The price of gold increased by 0.11 percent while the US dollar exchange rate rose 0.43 percent.-VNA