The consumer price index (CPI) in the country's two largest cities continued to rise in August, according to the statistics departments of Hanoi and HCM City.

The Hanoi Statistics Department reported that the capital's CPI rose in August by 0.19 percent over July, and increased 3.32 percent over the same period last year.

The department added that the CPI increase in the capital city in August is equivalent to the previous month, despite the decrease in staple items, such as housing, building materials, electricity, tap water, fuel and transport costs.

The CPI increase in Hanoi is attributed to the rising costs in restaurants and food services, which rose 0.38 per cent against the previous month.

Also, the surge of food and foodstuff prices increased by 0.66 per cent against the previous month due to the high demand of the public during the seventh lunar month of this year and the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Additionally, the garment and textile, and footwear groups rose considerably, by 0.38 percent against July.

In HCM City, the HCM City Statistics Department reported the August CPI was up 0.05 per cent against July.

Five out of the 11 baskets of goods saw an increase in prices this month. Among these, restaurant and catering services rose by 0.32 percent, beverage and cigarette groups saw an increase of 0.05 percent, garment and education rose by 0.10 percent and commodity and other services were up 0.17 percent.

The department added that four of the 11 baskets of goods that saw a decrease were fuel (0.74 percent), household appliances (0.15 percent), transportation (0.02 percent), and culture and entertainment (0.01 percent), while drug and telecoms remained unchanged.

In August, prices in water and electricity in HCM City continued to fall due to low demand, as the price for materials for housing repairs and maintenance saw a slight decrease. Of note, gas prices were reduced by 1.68 percent.-VNA