The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) wishes to foster friendship and cooperation with political parties, including the ruling, communist, and left-wing parties in Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, for increased ties, especially in economy, trade, investment, culture, and education with the three countries.

The wish was delivered by a delegation from the CPV Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, led by Deputy Head Nguyen Huy Tang, during their working visits to Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka from April 6-14.

While there, the Vietnamese delegation met with the foreign deputy ministers, leaders of political parties, and other high-ranking officials of the three countries.

Tang briefed the hosts with the current situation in Vietnam and in the CPV as well as policies and measures the country is embarking on to boost economic growth, Party building, and external policies and guidelines.

The guests and hosts discussed in a straightforward and open manner specific measures to strengthen bilateral ties between Vietnam and the three countries.

The leaders of such parties as the Union Solidarity and Development Party of Myanmar, the Democrat Party of Thailand, the For Thais Party, the Communist Party and the Freedom Party of Sri Lanka, expressed their hopes to increase delegation exchanges, share leading and management experience, and exchange information and views on national, regional, and global issues of common concern.

The leaders of Sri Lanka’s parties, in particular, wished to further consolidate their ties with the CPV to create a firm political foundation for the stronger relationship between the two countries.-VNA