An exhibition showcasing 100 photos and documents entitled, “Communist Party of Vietnam, from Congress to Congress and President Ho Chi Minh – National hero, pre-eminent culture man of Vietnam ” opened in the northern port city of Hai Phong on Jan.7.

The exhibition, co-organised by the Hai Phong Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, the Vietnam News Agency, the Vietnam Revolutionary Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Museum, is one of the activities to welcome the 11th upcoming National Party Congress.

The exhibition aims to recapitulate a glorious history period of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Each step and victory of the Vietnamese revolution engraves another stamp of approval on the cherised reputation of President Ho Chi Minh. Each Party Congress is a milestone in the historical process of the Party and the Nation, and a time for the entire Party and people to review the glorious and historical revolution process of the Nation.

The exhibition will last until Jan.20./.