The 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) was an event of international significance as for a long time the CPV has played an important role in the world’s left-wing movement.

This remark was made by Dominique Vidal-Bari, Deputy Head of the International Department of the French newspaper “The Humanity”, at a meeting with Vietnam News Agency reporters on the sidelines of the 11th congress that ended on Jan. 19.

She said that in the past, left-wing parties wholeheartedly supported Vietnam in its struggle for national independence and now they are paying due attention to new decisions and reform of the CPV’s leading guidelines at this congress.

All the information on the Party Congress in Vietnam were taken in by world opinion and the French public, she added.

According to the French journalist, the 11th National Congress of the CPV was an especially important event for Vietnam in the context of the world facing many challenges such as financial crises in Ireland, Greece and Portugal and a halt in economic growth in several countries.

She said that this is a key moment for Vietnam to look back on what has passed and the achievements it has made during the renewal process in order to adjust its direction and infuse a new vitality into its socio-economic life.

“I am impressed at the contents and lucidity of the CPV Central Committee’s Political Report because this document has consolidated confidence in the country’s development plans in economics, industry and poverty reduction for the next five or 10 years,” she stressed.

During her stay in Vietnam to cover the congress, Dominique Vidal-Bari went on fact-finding trips with international colleagues to some businesses, factories and production centres in Vietnam, through which she gained a better understanding of the lives and employment conditions of Vietnamese workers during the renewal process./.