Cu Lao Cham (or Cham Islands Biosphere Reserve) is located in Tan Hiep island commune, Hoi An City of central Quang Nam Province, around 15km from Cua Dai Beach.

It is a cluster of eight islands, including Hon Lao, followed by Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon La, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Tai and Hon Ong.

There are around 3,000 residents living on the islands at present. Cu Lao Cham Island is a historical cultural site which is closely connected with the formation and development of Hoi An.

In old days, under the Champa regime, Cu Lao Cham Island used to be a shelter for vessels.

There remains many relics belonging to the cultures of Sa Huynh, Champa and Dai Viet (Great Viet) with many ancient architectural works constructed by Champa and Vietnamese people dating back hundreds of years./.