While some other islands are only facing severe waste problems. However, Cu Lao Cham has come up with a solution in banning all non-biodegradable waste on the island for 10 years.

For the last decade, Cu Lao Cham residents have refrained from using any plastic bags, which has helped the surrounding area recover to its original state. At the Cua Dai port, there is a large sign with a reminder for visitors not to use any plastics bags while in Cu Lao Cham. Local officers also play an important role in preventing visitors from bringing non-biodegradable waste to the island.

Local residents also refrain from using plastic bags in their daily lives, instead using paper bags and reusable options to store and carry food stuff.

Having provided local people with baskets, Mr Su keeps reminding them to follow this rule for the sake of the environment.

Though there are still some households that have kept hold of plastic bags, the majority of Cu Lao Cham residents have stopped this destructive habit and raised the next generation to embrace a plastic-free future./.