Delegates to the 6 th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) on April 18 approved the Guidelines of Economic and Social Policy, which boast a wide range of adjustments including a roadmap to update Cuba ’s future economic model.

According to the State-run Cubadebate website, the delegates voted for the 30-page document, including 311 articles relating to the expansion of the private economic model, the trimming of state jobs and subsidies, the implementation of a new tax collection policy and the decentralisation of State management.

Cubadebate commented that planning is still a priority in the process of updating the economic model, however, the market trend will be considered, and that only socialism can triumph over difficulties and preserve the revolution’s fruits.

The PCC Congress affirmed the goal of its adjustments that is to ensure the inheritance of socialism, boost economic development and improve the people’s living conditions, the website said.

A host of socio-economic issues such as the acceleration of exports, rearrangement of the workforce, policies on application of scientific and technological advances in agriculture, reestablishment of domestic wholesale and retail markets and legal regulations on housing transactions were also discussed and adopted by the PCC commissions.

On the day, the delegates voted members of the PCC Central Committee in the new tenure. The vote results were due to be announced at the closing ceremony of the 6 th PCC Congress./.