With an advanced medical network and effective training programmes, Cuba was considered as an ideal location for medical students from around the world to attend training courses.

At present, Cuba has 70,440 doctors (one doctor per 159 people) and almost 89,000 nurses (one nurse per 126 people). The country presently contributes to training 53,000 students from 89 countries around the world.

Since 1963, the Cuban Government has sent more than 113,000 doctors, nurses and medical staff to work in 103 other countries. They have provided medical examinations and treatment to 300 million people and kept over one million people safe from dangerous diseases.

Although the US applied embargo policies to the country throughout the last 50 years, Cuba still advanced strongly in medical and educational areas. The country’s people have always received free medical and educational services, benefiting from the state policy in the field.

According to the Cuban Ministry of Health, along with the country’s doctors and technicians, 47,000 nurses, who have BA degrees in medicine, contribute substantially to improving the quality of health services in the country./.