A meeting was held in Havana on July 15 to mark the 35 th founding anniversary of friendship associations between Cuba and Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia .

Addressing the event, President of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association Yolanda Ferrer recalled the milestones since Cuba ’s friendship associations with the three Indochinese countries were set up on July 15, 1976, affirming that this marked a new stage of development in the traditional friendship between Cuba and those countries.

With time, the friendship between Cuba and Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia will continue to develop to a new height and always be illustrated the most effective manner, Ferrer stressed.

The Cambodian Ambassador to Cuba , Hay Sonnarin, on behalf of the three countries’ diplomats expressed her thanks to the Cuban Party, Government and people for their fraternal sentiments, solidarity and valuable support to the national liberation causes of the three countries.

She noted that the establishment of the three friendship associations immediately after the end of three Indochinese countries’ struggle for national liberation was an important element to help them overcome difficulties and rebuild and develop the country.

Also at the meeting, Cuban figures who are close friend with Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia , such as journalist Marta Rojas, doctor Julio Lopez and former Cuban ambassador to Vietnam Mauro Garcia recalled their never-forgotten memories about the three countries as well as the brave fighting spirit for national independence of the people of Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia .

The event also honoured the contributions by Moncada heroine Melba Hernandez, the first President of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam, which was the predecessor of the friendship associations with Vietnam Laos, and Cambodia./.