Cuba: Various activities mark Fidel’s historical visit to Vietnam hinh anh 1“If I have a brother”, launched in the nation for the first time, features songs, poems and articles on the Vietnam-Cuba relations (Photo: VNA)

Havana (VNA) – Special friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba were nudged closer to Cuban friends through a book introduction ceremony held in Havana on September 10 as part of activities to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s historical visit to Vietnam.

The event was held by the Young Communist League of Cuba at Jose Marti Memorial Site in Havana.

“If I have a brother”, launched in the nation for the first time, features songs, poems and articles on the Vietnam-Cuba relations.

According to Joan Cabo, director of the April Publishing House, the book will help Cuban young leaders have deeper understanding about the special bilateral ties, and mutual respect.

Meanwhile, the “War stories of heroic Vietnam” book includes interviews and articles of Raul Valdes Vivo and Marta Rojas, two Cuban journalists who witnessed Vietnam’s struggles against the US, and the friendship between the two countries.

Maria Victoria Valdes, daughter of late journalist Raul Valdes Vivo, said that the book not only gives an insight into the “Vietnam legend” to Cuban people, but also provides information on Cuban experts’ support for Vietnam during the war against the US.

The same day, Fidel’s historical visit to Vietnam in September, 1973 was broadcast on the Cubavision’s weekly roundtable discussion. Within 60 minutes, members of the discussion, including Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Nguyen Trung Thanh and journalist Marta Rojas, highlighted the historical milestone of the visit in the bilateral relations.

Celebrations for Fidel’s historical visit were also held at Vo Thi Thang primary school, Le Van Tam and Victory Smile kindergartens.

Earlier, more than 90 schools across Cuba held celebrations to mark the milestone in the Vietnam-Cuba ties.

An official meeting to mark the event is scheduled for September 12.

Fidel Castro made three visits to Vietnam in September 1973, December 1995, and February 2003. He was the first foreign leader to visit the newly-liberated area in the south of Vietnam. He was also a national leader who took the lead in international movements to support Vietnam’s struggle for national independence and reunification, along with its process of national development and defence.

With all his great contributions, the Cuban leader was presented with the two noblest orders of the Vietnamese State: the Golden Star Order in 1982 and the Ho Chi Minh Order in 1989.-VNA