Cuba is resolute to further its solidarity, friendship and cooperation with Vietnam , a senior Cuban official said at a meeting marking the 50 th anniversary of Cuba-Vietnam diplomatic ties in Havana on Dec.9.

Vice Chairman of the Cuban Ministers’ Council Ricardo Cabrisas noted that despite geographical distance, Cuba and Vietnam share the ideal of socialism and Marxism-Leninism.

Underlining the similarities between the two countries in their fight against colonialists and US imperialists, the Cuban leader said that throughout 50 years of solidarity, fraternity and friendship, Cuba and Vietnam have shared victories as well as difficulties and helped each other in surmounting challenges in all fields.

He recalled the days in the 60s and 70s when a large number of Cuban doctors, nurses, engineers, experts and military officers came to lend a helping hand to Vietnam in its resistance wars for national liberation and in its reconstruction and development work to fulfill President Ho Chi Minh’s will of “making Vietnam ten times more beautiful and prosperous than at present”.

The Cuban leader took the occasion to thank the Vietnamese people for their support to Cuba during its extremely difficult period, their consistent backing for Cuba ’s fight against the US ’s embargo and assistance to the country’s food security programme.

Addressing the function, Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Vu Chi Cong said December 2 in 1960 marked a milestone in the history of the two countries’ ties when they signed an agreement on the establishment of their diplomatic ties.

He recalled that Cuba has always led other countries in supporting Vietnam materially and spiritually, citing Cuban Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s saying as “for Vietnam, Cuba is ready to shed its blood.”

Ambassador Cong expressed the gratitude the Vietnamese people had for the Cuban Party, Government and people’s support and solidarity in the past and at present.

He reiterated Vietnam ’s unswerving support of Cuba in its demand for the removal of the US embargo and sanction and its fight for freedom for five Cuban soldiers currently detained in the US./.