The sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC) will be held from April 16-19, with the attendance of 1,000 delegates.

The congress will focus on analysing the economic situation and making necessary changes to update the economic model, in an effort to cope with the country’s worsening economic crisis, local press reported on Jan. 10 .

State President Raul Castro said Cuba will adopt new economic policies, including the expansion of private business, reduction of the redundant workforce in the State sector and the implementation of a new tax policy, but without abandoning socialism.

A draft of socio-economic polices to be taken by Cuba in the next five years have been discussed by CPC members and the public.

President Castro said the draft is a roadmap to perfect and make necessary changes to the Cuban economy, and in fact, a number of polices have already been enforced.

The CPC, which currently has around 850,000 members, convened its fifth national congress 18 years ago./.