Cuban President Raul Castro has called for the limit of just two consecutive five-year terms for key leading positions and pushed for the promotion of young cadres and admission of young members to the Party.

Castro, also the Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC), said in a political report delivered at the CPC Congress in Havana on April 17 that the promotion of new positions should consider senses of responsibility and young ages to enable them to fulfil their tasks.

It is a very urgent job, which should be done from the grassroots to central levels and start right in this congress, including the positions of the First Secretary of the Party, the State Council President and the Council of Ministers Chairman, Castro emphasised.

The CPC Congress opened on April 16 with the participation of 997 delegates on behalf of 850,000 Party members.

The four-day major event is scheduled to consider and vote for the draft on socio-economic guidelines and policies.

The bill encourages expansion of self-employment, considerably scythe redundant labour in the State economic sector, cut subsidies, launch a new tax system and step by step remove the circulation of two official currencies.

The Sixth CPC Congress is to focus on the “Draft of Socio-Economic Guidelines and Policies, which has received response from over 8 million out of the national 11.2 million population in a referendum.

The event coincided with the national celebrations of the 50 th anniversary of the Giron Victory and the proclamation of the Socialist Character of the revolution.

The celebration was marked with a multi-thousand military march and a mass parade at the Revolution Square./.