Cuban President Raul Castro on Aug. 25 sent a message to General Vo Nguyen Giap congratulating him on his 100 th birth anniversary (Aug. 25, 1911-2011).

In the message posted on website Cubadebate, Raul Castro said he was personally happy representing the Communist Party, Government and people of Cuba to send the warmest birthday congratulations to General Giap.

“On this occasion, we’d like to show our respect to the great services General Giap had rendered to Vietnam’s struggle for liberation,” the Cuban President wrote.

President Raul Castro praised General Giap’s contributions to the field of revolutionary military strategy, saying these provided Cuba with the foundation to enrich its military theories.

The Cuban leader stressed that he is always proud of the close fraternal relations that the Cuban and Vietnamese nations have forged.

On the same day, the General Secretary of the Labour Party of Mexico, Senator Alberto Anaya Gutierrez sent birthday greetings to the Vietnamese legendary General.

General Secretary Alberto Anaya Gutierrez affirmed that General Giap was a special outstanding student of President Ho Chi Minh and his name constantly tied up with the Vietnamese national struggle against colonialists and imperialists for freedom.

The Senator added that as a military strategist, General Giap’s teachings remain heritages that are possessed not only by Vietnamese people but also by many generations of social activists in Latin America.

General Giap stands out as one of the most significant symbols in modern time, the Mexican Party leader affirmed./.