The Chairman of the Cuba National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon has emphasised on the importance of the 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on Vietnam ’s way to building a socialist country.

In an interview with a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Havana on January 18, the Chairman confirmed that the Congress reflects the CPV’s determination to implement its key task of developing the country under the Party’s leadership.

He also highly praised the Vietnamese people for their contributions to the congress’ Political Report, which he said, showed a spirit of democracy and a close connection between the Party and people to increase the Party’s leading role.

Chairman Alarcon spoke highly of Vietnam ’s socio-economic achievements during nearly 25 years of renewal and said that the CPV’s achievements are also those of Cuba , which will strengthen relations between the two countries.

Despite the challenges posed by the global economic crisis, climate change and conflicts around the world, Vietnam has consolidated its political system and national unity together with maintaining independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and a socialist society.

Vietnam has applied creatively Marxism-Leninist and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts to implement its renewal process, he stressed, underlining the historical value of Ho Chi Minh Thoughts.

In his opinion, the Vietnamese and Cuban people share a deep solidarity and have stood side by side to overcome many challenges over half a century.

Added to this, the leaders of both countries have nourished the development of the special bilateral relationship, which will last forever and will be developed by future generations, he said.
He also said he believed that the 11 th National Party Congress will be a success and new leaders will lead Vietnam to become an industrialised country./.