A cultural event which took place in Hanoi has portrayed the signature traditions of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, bringing Tet closer to children in the capital city.

Visitors to the weekend event had a chance to enjoy the Tet atmosphere, shop for Tet ornaments and participate in cultural activities such as: printing traditional Kim Hoang paintings and making glutinous rice cakes and lucky-money pockets.

Five-year-old girl Ngo Linh Giang​, a participant to the event said: "First I printed the painting, then coloured it. I also decorated the lucky-money pockets with paper flowers."

Sharing her opinions on the event, Nguyen Thu Le, a parent from Thạnh Xuân district, Hanoi said: "I find this event very interesting. The kids are very happy here because the instructors are enthusiastic and kid-lovers. There are also many interesting games."

According to Nguyen Mai Trang, a member of organizing board, life is busy now and parents don’t have much time for their children. The event offered a chance for the parents and their kids to enjoy a full Tet atmosphere with all its meanings, she added.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to contribute to offering a cozy Tet festival for underprivileged children.-VNA