A village that features the values of the distinctive cultures of each of Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups will be inaugurated in Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi, in mid-September this year.

Before the event, representatives, artisans, village chiefs and professionals from these groups met in Hanoi on April 19 to discuss way of managing and operating the village properly and efficiently.

Ho Anh Tuan, the Manager of the Culture-Tourism Village for Vietnamese Ethnic Groups, said that the village, which is currently under construction, aims to provide a space where each ethnic community can present its own culture in an authentic manner.

“When fostering their cultural values, the ethnic communities themselves keep these unique values alive and preserve them for the future generations,” Tuan emphasised.

Knowing that no one can preserve cultural values as well as their creators, the developers of the village have invited artisans from ethnic groups to take on the management of their own cultural spaces in the village, according to the village’s manager.

Present at the meeting, the Chairman of the Vietnam ’s Folk & Culture Association, To Ngoc Thanh, emphasised that the mechanism to manage the village should help every ethnic community to reveal its own true characteristics.

“The Culture-Tourism Village for Vietnamese Ethnic Groups should serve as a research centre for all Vietnamese ethnic groups,” Thanh added.

The General Secretary of Vietnam ’s Cultural Heritage Council, Do Van Tru, raised the need to organise groups of volunteers from the ethnic groups to help the village in its activities.

On the occasion, the Management Board of the Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups called for donations of tools and materials that depict the cultures of the 54 ethnic groups to showcase in the village./.