Customs department tops 2018 Quang Ninh competitiveness index hinh anh 1Staff of the Quang Ninh province's Department of Customs (Photo: baohaiquan)

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – Quang Ninh province’s Department of Customs topped 34 provincial departments and district authorities in the northeastern province in competitiveness, according to the ranking announced on January 18.

According to the province’s Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI), the provincial Department of Customs earned a score of 77.81 points. It was followed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment with a score of 77.72 points and the Department of Taxation with 77.62 points.

The city of Cam Pha ranked first among 14 cities and districts, earning a score of 75.61 points, followed by Hoanh Bo district with 68.85 points and Quang Yen town with 68.23 points.

Quang Ninh’s DCCI, which was based on an evaluation of 6,500 firms, co-operatives and business households operating in the province, showed that the province’s State management agencies and district-level authorities were actively conducting dialogues with businesses to listen to their difficulties and create favourable conditions for firms.

According to Vu Kim Chi, deputy head of the provincial Department for Investment Promotion and Support, Quang Ninh launched its DDCI in 2015 as an effort to aid provincial departments and district authorities in improving the business climate.

The index measures eight criteria, including transparency, proactivity of leadership, time costs of regulatory compliance, informal charges, policy bias, legal institutions, business support and accountability of leaders.

Quang Ninh was the most competitive province in the country, topping the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s provincial competitiveness index (PCI) for 2017, which assessed the ease of doing business in 63 provinces and cities.-VNS/VNA