Two 25-year-old men are cycling across the country to deliver 100 handwritten letters to raise people's awareness of the need to express feelings through handwritten letters.

Duong Xuan Phi, a designer, and Le Truong Giang, a coffee shop owner, started their journey in Ho Chi Minh City last August. They have covered 4,000km so far, passing through more than 40 provinces. They plan to finish the 7,000km-long journey by the end of this year.

During their cycling expedition, they have supported various charity cycling events such as "Cycling around Hanoi to give warmth to Ha Giang's poor people," held in February, which attracted nearly 200 young people.

During their 270 days of travel so far, they have sometimes asked the local people's help to get accommodation, and sometimes they have spent their nights in a tent. They have also taken on various part-time jobs to cover their expenses.-VNA