Marcel Winter speaks in the debate programme on Feb. 9 (Photo: VNA)

Prague (VNA) - Chairman of the Czech-Vietnam Association Marcel Winter criticised the arguments against the Czech Republic’s reception of foreign workers, including Vietnamese ones, during a TV debate programme on February 9.

In the programme aired on the Czech Republic’s CT1 channel, he sided with Czech employers against Chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions Josef Stredula, who had a biased view against foreign workers.

Winter said the shortage of more than 140,000 workers threatens the existence of many companies and factories in the Czech Republic and jeopardise the country’s economy.

He attributed the economy’s growth slowdown partly to the lack of manpower, making Czech manufacturers and exporters unable to satisfy their partners’ demand and forcing goods orders to be shifted to neighbouring countries.

Over the last 27 years, the Czech Republic failed to give vocational re-training to the unemployed, he noted, adding that it is in dire need of foreign workers, but most of them are not interested in working the country. 

Meanwhile, a number of Vietnamese people want to work in the Czech Republic. Many local businesses are also experienced in employing Vietnamese workers since the Czechoslovakia period.

Nearly 6,000 Vietnamese people are working in factories and businesses in the Czech Republic, and employers are satisfied with them and want to hire more workers from Vietnam, Winter added.

In the debate, Josef Stredula determinedly opposed the policy of allowing more foreign workers to enter the Czech Republic, believing that migrant workers will steal job opportunities of local people.

The debate programme was held only one day after the Czech Government decided to receive skilled workers from Ukrainian in a number larger than the previous quota of 5,000.

However, Winter and many Czech entrepreneurs said Ukrainian workers cannot thoroughly address the manpower shortage in the country. In certain industries, Ukrainians cannot replace Vietnamese workers.-VNA