A hydroponic system producing organic vegetables was introduced at the Tuy Loan clean vegetable cooperative in 2019, with an area of 2,000 sq m. This not only enhances commercial and economic efficiency but also helps eliminate the difficulties posed by traditional planting methods.

Beside the hydroponic system, Tuy Loan cooperative has also used framed nets over some planting areas, funded by the city. Forty members of Tuy Loan cooperative can therefore take the initiative in production plans and have better control over product quality.

Almost all products from La Huong vegetable cooperative used to be sold at traditional markets. But since it began production under VietGap standards, around 20 percent of its vegetables are purchased by green shops and the figure is rising.

The application of science and technology in vegetable production is a priority within Da Nang’s policy on building new rural areas. It is also aimed at providing a stable source of safe greens for the local market while ensuring farmer incomes./.