Catholics across the central city of Da Nang are set to uphold their solidarity and work harder for the sake of a wealthy and social vice-free society from now until 2018.

The focus was made at their fifth Congress for the 2013-2018 tenure held by the Da Nang municipal chapter of the Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics (CSVC) on July 24.

During the new tenure, the chapter will engage more Catholics in the national emulation campaign and spread the model “Five ‘no’s: no hunger, no illiteracy, no beggary, no drugs and no crime”.

The community will also be encouraged to develop a civilised lifestyle in residential quarters in a gradual move to transform Da Nang into an environmentally friendly city.

At the same time, they will raise public awareness of policies and guidelines issued by the Party, State, Vietnam Fatherland Front and Vietnam Catholic Church.

Over the past five years, the city’s Catholics have contributed their steady efforts to the great national unity by facilitating emulation drives, resulting in 95 percent of Catholic households being recognised as model families.

During the period, they were also active in charitable activities like fundraising and caring for the elderly, children with disabilities, and HIV/AIDS patients.

More nursing centres are open to homeless senior citizens and handicapped kids while vocational training and medical facilities have also been made available.

At the event, Priest Nguyen Hung was voted as Chairman of the chapter for the new tenure.-VNA