This is the first time Prasit and his family members have visited Vietnam and they’ve chosen Da Nang as their destination. A 3-day tour of the city has become popular among Thai tourists.

During the first 9 months, Da Nang welcomed 165,000 Thai tourists, up 5 times compared to the same period in 2018. Thai tourists are also considered to be big spenders for accommodation, restaurants and shopping services.

With beautiful natural landscapes, synchronous infrastructure, good services, and unique cuisine, Da Nang easily scores in the eyes of Thai people. In addition, the impressive growth of Thai tourists is also due to convenient air connections with an average of 10 flights daily from Bangkok and Chiang Mai to Da Nang.

However, travel agencies said that Da Nang needs to constantly update products and promotions to become more appealing to the Thai market. The number of Thai visitors accounts for only 5% of the total international tourists to Da Nang, while those from the Republic of Korea and China account for over 70%./.