The tourism sector in the central coastal city of Da Nang is making efforts in improving hotel competitiveness. It is providing local staff with knowledge about hotel operation and management.

At this 3-star hotel on Tran Hung Dao Street, managerial and operational activities are conducted under requirements of the hotel investor, who is a foreigner. That’s why the hotel's services are different from those offered by hotels owned by local people.

Pham Dang Quang,Manager of Blossom City Hotel, Da Nang City said: "At 1 or 3-star hotels, normally investors are also managers. This management model is not professional compared to 4 to 5-star hotels."

Currently, Da Nang city is home to nearly 730 hotels, of which over 660 are 3-star or below.

The owners of these hotels usually do not focus on high quality products while their staff are not really professional.

The Da Nang Hotel Association has held a seminar recently to help investors and managers of local hotels, especially under-3-star ones, to know more about investment efficiency, products and services and new trends in operation, among others.

Nguyen Duc Quynh, Vice Chairman of Da Nang Hotel Association said: "We have opened seminars on business and marketing for 2 to 4-star hotels. We have invited foreign experts to discuss about hotel management. It is also a chance for sponsors and suppliers to introduce their products in the 4.0 era."

Da Nang is rapidly developing tourist accommodations amid the growing number of tourists. The development requires Da Nang to standardize its tourism services, including hotel services. Through these activities, Da Nang hotels are expected to improve their services and sharpen their competitive edge in the region.-VNA