The adoption and effective implementation of IT progress in administrative reform at commune and district levels in the central city of Da Nang have brought many positive changes in recent years, the Vietnam Investment Review reported.

One big challenge set for Da Nang authority is to integrate the current infrastructure and diversified IT platform into a unified entity, paving the way for the development of a modern administration platform, where people enjoy public services quickly and efficiently.

This is an essential step in implementing the vision of Da Nang authority in bringing the city into an intelligent and worth-to-live place.

Da Nang city’s data center is considered the ‘brain’ for the whole IT system, the technical infrastructure to spur e-government deployment. The city has succeeded in developing a modern, powerful and effective cloud data center by leveraging Microsoft’s open platform.

“With data center system deployed on Microsoft cloud platform, we are able to integrate seamlessly with open source solutions. The system becomes more diverse, being able to service a wider range of customers with many different needs,” Deputy Director of Da Nang city’s Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Quang Thanh was quoted as saying.

Microsoft products enabled Da Nang’s data center transform from a traditional physical model to a cloud model in which all IT resources are packed up into services and upload to the portal of the Da Nang Department of Information and Communications.

“Flexibility and high-speed of information processing and analysis, and timely report procedures of Microsoft open platform solutions enable the city leaders to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges, bringing a better life for its citizens. This is a steppingstone, taking Da Nang one step closer to be a modern and intelligent city,” General Director of Microsoft Vietnam Vu Minh Tri was cited as saying.

Microsoft has currently introduced and consulted the CityNext solutions to Da Nang authorities. This is a global initiative to empower municipalities, businesses and citizens to build and develop more dynamic future communities.

With great strides in improving quality of public services, Da Nang would be the first location to reach the finishing line in the process of applying IT into administrative reform, towards the model of dynamic and intelligent urban authorities.-VNA