The Standing Board of the Da Nang city Party Committee (2015-2020 term) (Source:
Hanoi (VNA) – The Political Bureau has issued a warning as a disciplinary measure against the Standing Board of the Da Nang city Party Committee (2015-2020 term) for its serious rule violations and mistakes.

The decision was made at the Politburo’s meeting in Hanoi on October 2.

The Politburo said the Da Nang Party Committee’s Standing Board did not respect Party operation rules and was not serious in carrying out criticism and self-criticism.

The board was also found to infringe the principle of centralised democracy as well as procedures and regulations on personnel work of the Party and the State.

Its appointment and nomination of officials to a number of positions did not follow the approved planning. The board didn’t abide by regulations on rotating officials, and allowed the appointment of more deputy heads of several municipal departments than the quota set by the Government.

The board also breached Party disciplines and the State’s laws while instructing the land management and urban order.

It didn’t seriously follow Notice No. 156-TB/TW dated March 14, 2014 of the 11th Political Bureau on the outcomes of inspection involving the Party board of the municipal People’s Committee and several officials of the Da Nang People’s Committee, and Notice No. 558-TB/UBKTTW dated February 18, 2014 of the Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission on addressing violations of rules on land management and use during the previous tenure. The board made a number of decisions beyond its authority and not in line with laws.

At the same time, the board showed loose leadership, inspection and supervision, resulting in agencies and businesses breaking laws and regulations on land management and use.

It violated the 2013 Bidding Law when deciding the appointment of contractors for four out of six projects on building and upgrading headquarters of Party agencies and the meeting hall of the municipal People’s Council.

The Politburo said that the mistakes and wrongdoings committed by the Da Nang Party Committee’s Standing Board (2015-2020 tenure) are serious, affecting the prestige, leadership, combat capacity of the Board and the prestige of Party organisations, causing concerns among officials, Party members and people.-VNA