Many of Da Nang’s senior high schools have organised meaningful activities to help their pupils to thoroughly understand issues relating to the East Sea, especially to Viet n am’s sacred sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos , a local newspaper reported.

According to the Da Nang Today online, a large number of the pupils have visited exhibitions at the Museum of Da Nang which feature historical documents proving Viet nam’s sovereignty.

Some staff members from the museum’s Division of Foreign Relations said that they were very surprised by the local pupils’ excellent knowledge of the historical, economic and geopolitical values of these archipelagos.

At a recent exhibition, a female pupil from the Tran Phu Senior High School introduced 200 other schoolmates to the important role of the archipelagos in the Asia-Pacific region.

It was assumed that this student must have read many documents about the current situation of Viet n am’s sea and islands in the context of the increasing number of landlocked and sea-locked countries around the world paying special attention to sea-related issues.

Clubs “I Love History” have been opened at many local senior high schools. One hundred members of the Thai Phien Senior High School’s club visited the “Towards Viet n am’s Sea and Islands” exhibition at the museum. The school’s teachers said that some of their pupils gave impressive presentations about the significant role of the country’s sea and islands due to their extensive research into the topic.

T hanks to the numerous exhibitions and talks, local pupils now understand more about the sea-related issues. This will encourage a deep sense of love for the country’s sea and islands, as well as the national territorial integrity.-VNA