The Da Nang central city will host the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition on April 29-30 next year, the annual event's organising committee has announced.

At a conference in Da Nang on September 12, the city's party committee secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh said the competition has drawn numerous tourists to the city in the five years since it began.

" Da Nang has been the only city in Vietnam to host the competition since 2008. It has become the biggest festival attraction of the year, which naturally got tourists coming here," Thanh told the conference.

The event organising committee also said the fireworks competition will be held biennially from 2015.

The competition drew 100,000 tourists the first year it took place, but this figure had increased to 360,000 by the fifth event in April this year.

The organising committee also said that business sponsorship is key in making sure the competition took palce.

In 2012, sponsors contributed 37.6 billion VND (1.8 million USD) towards the competition.

Eight teams from South Africa , New Zealand , Austria , Russia , Malaysia , the US , Poland and Japan , and the host country have requested to take part in the 2013 competition.

The organising committee built a 32,000-seat stage by the Han River to host the event.-VNA