When it comes to blacksmithing villages, Da Sy, located on the banks of the Nhue River in Hanoi’s outlying Ha Dong district, is among the first to come to one’s mind. Da Sy was considered the top knife and scissor making village in Thang Long

Strolling along the lane that runs through the village, visitors can hear the sound of grinders and hammers, both machine and hand-held, from dawn till dusk.

Metal products of Da Sy village not only are diverse but also have good quality thanks to the high skill level of Da Sy craftsmen. People here are proud of their ability to create very sharp knives that “can cut even steel”.

After hundreds of years of keeping and transferring knowledge, blacksmithing is now the main job in Da Sy. The village has more than 1300 families in the blacksmithing business, churning out many metal products.